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Mosaic (Apr 19)

Happy (snowy) Friday!

It wouldn't be spring on the prairies without another layer of snow catching us after we've already taken the bikes out. Despite the flurries, my neighbour is hauling out his smoker, his little girl in tow ready to play outside. We're eager for warm weather.

Our Awana program wraps up this week, as do my daughter's performances in the school musical—set in the 50's was so fun to watch! (and they had a lot of fun too).

I'm heading out to my grad rehearsal today, the ceremony is tomorrow. I've been reluctant to go, I didn't attend my nursing grad, I figure the paperwork is sufficient. But my husband was more insistent, wanting to commemorate the occasion. There might be some discomfort on my part of being in the center of attention, I'll probably unpack that more as the weekend goes on.

I hope your weekend is great and that you find time to rest and enjoy your people!

Grace & Peace,


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  • I'm working through Even If He Doesn't, on the topic of suffering , she uses illustrations from her own life with high risk pregnancy and painful ministry experiences.

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Denise reminds us the "presence of grief does not automatically mean the absence of gratitude." There's nuance to our hurt and suffering before a God who holds us gently, so we can do the same for others.

It is reassuring to know that the Lord has distributed gifts according to our abilities, without expectations to do more, nor less than what he has given us. This is reassuring and encouraging to remember, especially when we're doubting our abilities.

"Being prideful is never about the actions you do; it's about the posture of your heart behind the actions."

7 Questions That Teens Need to Answer | Paul David Tripp (Crossway)

We are stepping into the teens this year and I like how these questions provide parents with opportunities for fruitful conversations about their own futures and spiritual growth.

If you'v had a child who feels alone, here's some biblical encouragement and practical words to guide you.

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