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What's On My Shelf (Apr 2024)

Welcome to the book roundup!

I don't own cattle, but I have friends who do. Ushering the herd into a different space always sounds precarious and challenging. Maybe for some of you, the enormous amount of available books seems daunting when you're really just trying to pick one.

So, that's what this roundup is for, to help you discover and discern books that will strengthen your knowledge and reflection on the Lord when you're not sure where to start. It's an attempt on my part to herd resources your way that I've found helpful and encouraging for your faith.

I hope you find something of interest in the list!

book covers of christian living and fiction resources and book reviews

What's On My Shelf (Apr 2024) | Book Recommendations


Christian Living

In an age when the message of female empowerment infiltrates our socials and therefore our minds, Becky draws us back to biblical truth, finding our sufficiency in Christ. Check out my full review here (4 stars)

I really enjoyed this journey through Psalm 23 and the captivating invitation to know Jesus better. Each chapter goes verse by verse through the psalm to show us his love, protection and power. (5 stars)

Part memoir, part Christian living, this book explores the different elements of our hardship and suffering. Through her experiences with a high risk pregnancy and trials in ministry, she reminds us of who God is and the hope of the gospel. (4 stars)


Our ladies bible study was going through the book of Philippians and I appreciated this resource a lot! Reflecting deeply on humility, gospel partnerships and joy in light of this study. (5 stars)


This is an intriguing story about Eliza growing up with a captain in the forest, isolated from the world. Her world is suddenly turned upside down when her worst nightmares come true and she's kidnapped. Her captor returns her to her father, though she only has a distant memory of him. They were warned returning her would bring danger, and it does.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this story surrounding the mystery of her mother's death, and you're kept guessing until the surprising end.

I struggled with the captor turned friend. Felton's selfish ambitions to clear his family name drive him to make hasty, desperate choices and thankfully he eventually sees the folly in how he's treated her to meet his own ends. I've enjoyed this author's writing and will gladly pick up another. (4 stars)

Here's an interesting new series by Barbour publishing based on historic disasters in America. This first novel surrounds the Johnstown flood as the Red Cross comes in to provide support. Anamae is one of the nurses who arrives to care for the sick. Pastor Montgomery was rescued from the attic of his house as the floodwaters decimated the land, his congregation in shock and torn apart with the loss of lives and homes. 

Together they care for the hurting and broken, while both curious about and seeking justice against those negligent causing the dam to collapse. If you appreciate a story about justice and belonging, you might be interested in this one. (4 stars)

This new title from Lynn Blackburn is a story about a young mother in hiding with the support of a close friend. She settles into a new life at Grossamer Falls, working as an art instructor at a prestigious ranch popular among celebrities. Threats to her livelihood mount and though he's building her house, he's also a former marine with the desire to see her and her daughter protected.

One of the themes is trust and what happens when someone portrays themselves as a Christian only to discover later that they aren't interested in a godly life so much as they are the title and appearance. This is confusing and heartbreaking. But there is hope in Christ, and you see the contrast in characters who lean on Him.  (4 stars)


This event in Jesus' life I've found challenging to understand. So this was a helpful (more academic) resource in broadening my understanding. (4 stars)

Thanks for checking out the list! Now, it's your turn, let me know what's on your shelf!

*denotes books I've received from Netgalley or the publisher with the opportunity to post an honest review.

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