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What's On My Shelf (Nov 2023)

Have you found yourself in a reading rut lately?

Sometimes life has just been busy, routine has been neglected and you've just not thought to pick up a book. Other times you're not even sure about what to read next.

Here's a few suggestions if you feel stuck in your reading life.

1 Join a reading challenge. This has been helpful for me in the past. I'm all about checklists, so when I'm faced with a list, I find it fun to do some research on titles that will fit the categories and check it off when I'm done. Do as many or as few as you like, the list just gives you a jumping point.

2 Consider where God is at work in your life and find a book about that topic. This requires some time in prayer and reflection. When you've narrowed it down, ask your pastor, a friend, or head over to my book reviews page where you can search by topic to see what resources come up.

3 Think about the last book you really enjoyed. Whether it was fiction or nonfiction, check out the same author's other titles.

4 Ask others what they're reading. It's always a fun discussion and a good way to get ideas.

5 Join a book club. For the extroverts who love doing things together, this could be for you. You have accountability and some comraderie as you tackle the next title.

Hope one of these ideas helps you along if you've been feeling stuck!


What's On My Shelf (Nov 2023) | Book Reviews



Christian Living

I've enjoyed this series on how to love your church. This book shares how we bless the body of Christ in our service with what the Lord has given us. Read the full review here. 5 stars.


Here's a story about a couple who meets without the other knowing their full name and when they enjoy spending time together and their relationship grows, the weight of the truth looms—because she despises a man she's never met for pilfering her teachers and students. You'll find a little rom-com in this amusing introduction. (Note: clean, written for general market) 4 stars

A story about redemption and second chances that I won't soon forget. Her husband goes away and doesn't come back, leaving her in a precarious situation with ranch loans to try and pay off. It's the first I've read from the author. If you enjoy historical fiction, you'll want to grab this one. 5 stars

She thought he was dead, but who is the man she sees, who is behind the threats on her life? Lynette Eason's classic style of action and suspense, keeping you guessing til the end. 4 stars.

In this story I discovered a piece of history I hadn't known.

1754 Eastern Canada. Sylvie Gallant's family lives in Acadie with her family, outside the fort walls. Tensions between the British and the French rise, and the British army ranger Blackburn arrives. The French-speaking locals are ousted from their homeland, onto ships bound for nowhere, tragedy lingers thick as fog. She resettles with her countryfolk in Virginia to a new and uncertain future.

The author takes you into the throes of a history to help you see the challenges of what it means to resettle in a new land amidst stigma and suspicion, and how hope and integrity bring light to the future. Highly recommend if you enjoy historical fiction! 5 stars.

There's a lot of raw, visceral emotion in this one on the topics of betrayal and human trafficing, and choices made that have fallout. It's the first book in this series so it sets the stage for the next titles, and you'll enjoy visits from characters in her other books. 4 stars.


I really enjoyed this primer on the advent season where you'll find insights from church history and reflections on how the season points to gospel hope. Read my full review here. 5 stars.

Bible Commentary

I have a few commentaries in this series and I always appreciate the Christ centered approach. The chapters begin with the main idea and an outline of the passage, and ends with 10 questions for reflection. This was a timely read for me as I was getting a little stuck making my way through the prophets. I paired this alongside our family reading with the kaleidoscope kids bible on Daniel, which really helped our discussion and understanding. 5 stars.

With the Kids

We've been enjoying these Kaleidoscope kids bibles. I think I'd enjoy if the chapters had questions at the end, but we're able to talk and share without them as well. 5 stars.


This was a little more academic than I expected, (but I could've checked the publisher to know) but I'm glad I read it. The author shares research on the cult of Artemis and how that impacts how we read and understand the book of 1 Timothy, particularly about where he writes about women being saved through childbirth. If you're interested in the cultural context of the New Testament church or are working through 1 Timothy 2, I think this would be of interest to you. I wrote a little more in my Goodreads review. And if you're interested, Dr Micheal Bird shares his thoughts.

Previously On My Shelf

*denotes books I've received from Netgalley or the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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