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Do you feel weary in the chaos? 
Empty in the midst your striving?

Hey! I'm Amber. I write to help you through the chaos of life's striving to find calm in Christ.

We all experience transitions in life. Whether it's a move, relationships, raising kids, or illness, the ebb and flow of life doesn't always come at us as with predictability, like the ocean tide - more like a storm that hits us in surprise.

I know some of what it's like to live through unexpected change, transitions, and stress, so I offer you a place of encouragement, to equip you to apply the gospel to the shifts, both expected and unforeseen, that you are experiencing, to lead you to deeper spiritual growth, empowered by the grace of God toward a life that's intentional and purposeful for the glory of God and the good of others.


A Shift In Location

I grew up in rural Manitoba, where I met & married my husbandI completed my nursing degree and began working at our local health centre in the ER. After 4 years enjoying “happily-ever after” on our country acreage, God rocked the boat and asked us to give it up and follow Him, to bring the Gospel to the unreached in Africa. 

We set foot on African soil in 2009 and began a 6 year adventure learning a new language, a new culture, new ways to share the Gospel and-after a few years-how to parent in the African bush.

A Shift In Priorities

We came back to Canada in 2015, pregnant with baby number 3, into a chaotic season.  At 7 months old, we almost lost her to a really bad pneumonia. She was later diagnosed with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCIDS), requiring a bone marrow transplant.

It’s a defining moment in your life, caring for a child in the hospital, yet God uses all things for His glory. (I share a bit of our SCIDS journey here on the blog). We’ve come out of the chaos, eyes a little scratchy from the dust storm, with a deeper love and trust in the One who shepherded us through the valley.

As rhythms of life settle into normal (??) enjoying life with family & friends, I also spend my time working at our local health centre as a nurse, helping others navigate mental health crises in the ER, studying at seminary for a master's degree in counselling psychology, and serving our local body of believers at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

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Do you desire to
weather the shifts of your life with a deeper trust in the Lord?

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Thanks for joining me here. My prayer is that you would be encouraged, equipped and empowered to a life of obedience to Christ - a life that abides in the Vine. 

Grace & Peace​,


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