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Mosaic (May 17)

The older I get it seems the more prone I am to exercise-induced injuries. Whether it's from repetitive movements like running or lifting, plain old exertion, or the foolishness of training martial arts. But I've been so grateful to learn about kinesiology tape, it has seriously helped me through so many times.

By applying the tape to the sore muscle, it provides a flexible support for the muscle to keep moving without the pain of the injury. It's that small, well placed addition that makes all the difference.

We all need this in our lives at one time or another.

When we're hurting, exhausted, a bit torn up and we need the love and care of another who sticks alongside us, to keep us moving and dampen the pain—likely it doesn't go away, but when it's shared there's less to carry.

It's the Lord sending Ananias to a broken and bewildered Saul, then Barnabas to back up his testimony before the apostles. To,"encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing" (1 Thess. 5:11).

We're reminded of the ways God has used others in our own lives to spur us along, as they've been placed strategically along our sore spots to keep us moving in obedience and persevering in Christ.

So remember to be the tape for someone else when they need, be available and prayerful, "and let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works" (Heb.10:24).

Who are you thankful for today that God put in your path to encourage you in some tough times?

Grace & Peace,


Content: This Week…

Five Things

  1. We officially switched seasons at the lake. Fishing rods in exchange for cross-country skis, lawn chairs for toboggans, and paddle boards for snowshoes. There's refreshment in transition, anticipation of enjoying what's ahead. It's the comfort in contrasts: a warm cup of tea on a cold day, or an iced beverage to quench our thirst when we're sweltering in the heat. Time at the lake is a gift and we're looking forward to another season.

  2. Other than sports our television doesn't get much use. (Not sure how we'll navigate the summer olympics, but that will be a highlight for sure). With interest in women's basketball taking off after a record breaking college season,, ESPN aired their newest documentary Full Court Press, highlighting three female college athletes: Caitlin Clark, Kiki Rice and Kamilla Cordosa. It shows some of their experiences on and off the basketball court, you kinda get to know them in a new light and. hear their family, coaches and fellow players share. We watched the first episode so far, and it's neat to hear more of their life stories outside of the game commentary and understand the challenges and hardships each one faces.

  3. We've been cooking more veggies lately and one of my adaptations this week was roasting a variety of broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes with olive oil and sprinkled with curry. A little change from the usual seasoning salt or Italian flavouring.

  4. The gerbils are doing well. They got a little crazy after having a treat of raw pumpkin seeds, so we agreed maybe bedtime wasn't a good time to do that. We've had no escapes or crises. They snuggle together in their little wood den and play.

  5. A bunch of books were ready for pickup this week at the library. It always happens that way, right? A couple for the kiddos and a few for me. Yay!

On the Blog

Go deep into Psalm 23 to draw near to the Good Shepherd and his love, care and protection. This is a great book, highly recommend!

On my Shelf

  • This week I finished The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. It was my first time reading through and certainly provoked some thoughts about where my tendencies are to be complacent in my spiritual growth.

In Articles 

Mental Illness is Not A Sign of Immature Faith | Lara d'Entremont (Gospel Centered Discipleship)

"Mental illness is not chosen. It is inflicted upon us by the brokenness of this world."

It's mental health awareness month and Lara's article reminds us of the effects of sin on our thoughts and emotions, along with some practical tips for help.

Without This, Your Marriage Won't Make it | Bob Lepine (New Growth Press)

I want to tell you what it is, but I want you to read the article more :) A good supplement to this article is Jen Polluck Michel's newsletter this month on the same theme in marriage.

Twelve Easy Ways to Improve Your Listening | Blake Glosson (The Gospel Coalition)

I went to seminary for 4 years to learn skills of listening and I still need to be reminded of the importance of hearing others in my everyday. We're prone to a me-first mindset where we focus on expressing ourselves first, and foremost, rather than demonstrating an interest in others first—which contributes to our loneliness and relational isolation. I think it's why David Brooks book "How to Know A Person" made the bestseller list, we've lost some of these skills. So check out this article and endeavor to become a good listener.

While this article is for those graduating and beginning a new season of life, I think her advice is applicable for the rest of us as well. Think about how challenging it is to try something new, to be in a new place or job where you have to meet new people. Sometimes you get to a stage in life where things are as they've always been and we don't put ourselves out there as much. So, here's the challenge, embrace the awkward! (And read the article for the application!)

A podcast, less than 30minutes, on her journey as an audio bible narrator and how it shaped her life.

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