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My Mosaic (May 21)

It's time for a long weekend!

We just got bumped to remote learning this week as our province sees a quick escalation of cases. So we decided to take some time away camping up in the Whiteshell Provincial Park til next week. It looks to be cool and rainy, but what better way to make memories than squeezed inside a camper :)

I hope you enjoy your time this weekend, and pray the articles below will encourage you!


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

“Come and have breakfast,” Jesus told them. (John 21:12). These are some of the most mundane words you will find in the Bible. But in context, they are some of the most moving words of all."

From the TGC blog, "A patient faith can withstand seasons of ups and downs, strength and weakness. But an impatient faith can’t."

"It is wise for us, from time to time, to revisit even the simplest and most well-used phrases so we can remind ourselves of their importance and consider once again their sheer wonder. For we must know and must remember that it is no small thing, no small honor, no small privilege, to pray in the name of Jesus."

This reflection from Glenna Marshall on the joy and value of marinating in our study of scripture rather than skimming through it.

"We hadn’t purposefully ignored our marriage, and things weren’t “bad.” We went about our days, communicating superficially and cordially—putting off physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy. We’d get to it soon—eventually—when we had time. But we didn’t."

An encouragement, and challenge, for those who have been wounded by others in church communities. "While this withdrawal may be a natural survival instinct, it won’t lead to complete healing. At some point, we must move toward others to find comfort and healing."



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