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My Mosaic (May 24)

Updated: May 25, 2019

Welcome to "My Mosaic",

I'm not a creative artist (although I often wish I were). I am more a get-the-tools-in-your-hands kind of person. But I love mosaics, these beautiful pieces of art, representing such a worthy amount of an artist's time. These collections of small pieces, placed together, form beautiful pictures or patterns.

I find the internet world full of pieces, and sifting through website and articles can be time consuming and, sometimes, finding something good can be hard.

So here on "My Mosaic", I will present a weekly collection of articles I've come across, that may be of interest to you. I hope they will be helpful and engaging, and lead you into thinking more critically about the world around us.

Here is today's debut collection! Let me know what you think!

"The longer I live—the longer I live out this life as a Christian—the more I see my desperate need of the Lord’s Day. Though it once seemed like the kind of day I could take or leave, I’ve since come to rely on it and to see God’s goodness in giving it." It is "water for the parched runner", a "meal for the hungry pilgrim", so much more than just a Sunday service. An article to encourage your thoughts on our weekly worship.

Have you ever been in the car with your kids and needed a distraction, or a game to get everyone back to a happier spot? These "Would you rather..." questions are fun and engaging for all ages, enjoy!

"If you are not a runner you probably couldn’t wake up tomorrow and run 5 kilometres without stopping. You probably couldn’t run for 5 minutes!...Instead of asking people to run for 30 minutes the first time they put on their running shoes, get them moving in just 30-second intervals" and it's the same way in the church. Instead of trying to achieve big goals in our discipleship, we can break down our growth into small practical steps, here's some ideas on how.

"Mommy, sometimes do you not want to be with me? Because sometimes I feel like you don’t want me with you.” Deep honesty from an introverted mom, encouraging us moms in our battle against feelings of "not good enough". She discovers that "God's strength + my weakness = ENOUGH" and that "even your biggest failures and shortcomings can be used by God, transformed via His miraculous alchemy into gold that enriches your family."

In a life full of activities, work, family, & hobbies, taking care of ourselves can be left at the wayside, and just become a source of guilt on the "should-do" list. "The world tells us exercise is primarily a tool for our vanity and for living longer. Here are five reasons to pursue a regular exercise plan — not related to looking your best in your bathing suit."

It's a crazy journey when you have a sick child admitted to hospital. The stress, worry and fears can be enormous. From our own experience, here are a few ideas we found helpful, to support those you know and love during one of the hardest journeys they may face.

Based on the research of Dr. Lisa Littman, here's a 15 minute podcast about the increase of gender dysphoria among teen girls, and a biblical response to a secular worldview.



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