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What's On My Shelf (Sept 2023) | Book Recommendations for Christians

book covers of recommendations for Christian readers

Writing reviews is an enjoyable (somewhat nerdy) pursuit, but I really hope you're able to discover something new and discern what would be beneficial to deepen your walk with the Lord in your current season.

You'll find my new Book Reviews page, where you'll find my personalized online bookstore and you can now search all my reviews by tag!

Book Recommendations for Christians | What's On My Shelf (Sept 2023)

Table of Contents

Christian Fiction

Found this on kindle unlimited and recommended by a fellow Goodreads friend. It's 1868 in Nebraska, Isobel is stood up at the altar. She looks for her brother to help her, and finds him caught in addiction to escape the pain of his own losses. Upon reuniting, God brings about change in each of their hearts, of hope and healing.

A mysterious rescuer saves her, but keeps himself hidden - facing a past in the war and scars of his own, but eventually he discovers peace and fulfillment in the calling God has given him. If historical fiction, mystery and reconciliation are up your reading alley, you may enjoy this one. (5 stars)

Bri Tucker was a smokejumper, now she investigates fires. When her colleague dies in a fire, the situation seems cut and dry, but a few small pieces don't add up, which allows the investigation to continue, alongside an ATF agent, Marc Davis.

Bri doesn't trust men easily after her traumatic background, she tries hard to avoid opening up, but the longer the investigation takes, the longer Marc has to get to know her and build trust. He has his own difficult childhood as his parents were killed in a house fire, leading him into the career he has now. They both came to know the Lord and work out their challenges by seeking him.

Irene Hannon fans will enjoy this latest release. (4 stars)

A sweet historical western. Jack and Bella have grown up together until one day they start to see each other as more than friends. Bella is helping her mom with her work as a midwife when a postpartum mother passes away and Bella doesn't know how to process the pain she feels. A drifter moves into town, paying particular attention to Bella, and Jack will eventually find out it wasn't just his jealousy that put him on edge, but will he be in time to protect her. (5 stars)

This is a great finale to tie up the series. You'll want to read these in order as each story leads into the other. The brothers continue to build their relationships, and just like in life, the issues the couples flare up as stress mounts. In this finale, the virus is about to be released and the vaccine Tae has been working on needs to get recreated and she has to race against time to do it. (5 stars)


Teaching our kids about who they are is particularly important in this day and age, as a biblical worldview becomes increasingly rare. This resource guides you toward that end and I really benefited from it. Read the full review here. (5 stars)

Christian Living

We've all felt weary at times. If you're in that spot right now, this would be a great time to read this book. Full of grace and encouragement, your heart will be strengthened by gospel truth. Read more of my thoughts HERE. (5 stars)

Do we really need one more thing to do? Glenna reminds us about the things of first importance and how Scripture memory is so very important in our lives. I've got the full review HERE. (5 stars)

When managing our time gets out of hand, here's a book to redirect us to the feet of Jesus, to consider thoughtfully and prayerfully how the Lord wants to guide who we are and what we do. Read my full review here. (5 stars)

Have you felt off track with your bible reading? Maybe even a little stuck. I'd invite you to consider this book to help you get a little more hungry for God's Word in your life. I think you'll benefit from it. I've got a full review here. (5 stars)

Bible Study

Caregivers are often unseen and may be a neglected group of people who spend much time pouring out their hands and time to provide for the needs of others. This bible study is short and very refreshing if you find yourself in this place. Whether it's caring for aging parents, a spouse or a medically fragile child, Marissa invites you to the feet of Jesus, reminding us that in all your caring, Christ is caring for you. Read the full review. (5 stars)

Thanks for visiting this month's book recommendations for Christians! I hope you found something of interest.

What's on your shelf? Let me know in the comments below!

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