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Memorizing Scripture by Glenna Marshall | Book Review

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

book cover memorizing scripture by glenna marshall on white granite countertop with dry willows

Do we really need to memorize God’s Word?

We no longer have to memorize phone numbers, because they’re conveniently stored on the device that lives in our pocket. We don’t need to remember directions because that little gadget also tells us how to get there. We’ve got important dates saved on our calendars, reminders to send us notifications to do things.

There’s not much we truly need to commit to memory anymore, and I wonder if that’s part of the reason we neglect the discipline of Scripture memory. Google searches at our fingertips make finding information, even verses accessible for every moment.

In Memorizing Scripture: The Basics, Blessings and Benefits of Meditating on God’s Word by Glenna Marshall she encourages us back to a discipline that benefits our love and our life.

book cover memorizing scripture by glenna marshall

Memorizing Scripture by Glenna Marshall | Book Review


quote from Memorizing Scripture by glenna marshall


Purpose of the Book

Glenna writes this book because she couldn’t stop telling people how memorizing the Word changed her life. She wants you to experience the same. She helps us understand how Scripture memorization influences the way we think and live, moving knowledge from our mind to our hearts.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION The Long-Lost Discipline

CHAPTER 1 Know His Voice

CHAPTER 2 You Can Memorize Scripture

CHAPTER 3 How and When to Memorize Scripture

CHAPTER 4 To Love Your God

CHAPTER 5 To Hate Your Sin

CHAPTER 6 To Remain Steadfast

CHAPTER 7 To Renew Your Mind

CHAPTER 8 To Encourage and Exhort

CHAPTER 9 For All of Life


Her easygoing style invites you to indulge in a spiritual discipline that’s recognized as important but probably less practiced. She provides a comprehensive look at why we memorize and how-to. Each chapter ends with a memorization tip and some suggested passages for memorizing. You’ll also find a great collection of resources for scripture memory as an appendix at the end, including apps, music, cards and more.

quote from Memorizing Scripture by Glenna marshall

My Take

All the Reasons Why

As much as I love and spend time in the Word, hearing the author share all the reasons to commit Scripture to our minds drew me in like the smell of baking bread.

I know the savoury taste of melting butter over fluffy carbs. My mouth waters with a hunger and thirst for it. Just as the deer pants for the water, our believing souls long for more of Christ, who is the Bread of Life and the Living Water.

We saturate ourselves in truth through meditation on the Word, to grow in our knowledge and affection of God. Our craving is satisfied in him, even though life isn’t easy.

We’re not alone in facing struggles with sin, experiencing hardships, and wrestling with decisions; these are part of our every day. The roles of a wife and mother, in work and ministry, all require discernment and as we connect to God’s Word, we’re equipped for the good works God has called us to.

We abide in him and he abides in us.

quote from Memorizing Scripture by Glenna Marshall

My Recommendation

This was a really enjoyable and challenging read. As much as we don’t like to hear one more thing we “should” be doing as Christians, the discipline of memorizing Scripture is pivotal for our spiritual growth and sanctification. There’s programs for the kids - whether it’s in Sunday school or Awana, but we don’t find that as much in our adult years.

If you’re struggling with a specific sin, equip yourself with God’s Word. If you’re suffering, commit his truth to memory when you feel weak and in pain. If you’re doing a bible study, get those passages deeply embedded in your mind.

Let’s know God that we may love him more too.

Grab this resource, it’s a must-read for your shelf!

quote from Memorizing Scripture by Glenna Marshall

Quick Stats

# of Pages: 160

Level of Difficulty: Easy

My Rating: 5 stars

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