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What Are The Cravings of Your Heart? Discover Ten and Where to Find Them

Caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle, sometimes we don't even know we feel unsatisfied. We just keep on chugging, ticking off the next to-do, getting to the next stop or responding to that next message.

If we're not paying attention-maybe even if we are-we look to satisfy those heartfelt longings with more stuff, better stuff, another activity, a different person; looking to the world rather than the world for the answers to what our soul craves.

A Hunger for More by Amy DiMarcangelo, helps us discover 10 characteristics that we long for. She shows us how we seek to find the solution from the world around us, and how a better answer is found in Christ.

When we feel empty or despairing, we notice our craving for wonder, that "we were made to know the living God, and nothing less will satisfy us," and by digging deeper into the Word we will be filled with a deeper knowledge of Him.

When we idolize friendships and people let us down, we discover our craving for love. For, "we expect others to fill us in a way that only God can, and then resent them for falling short." Does that resonate with anyone??

We have a tendency to brush off our 'smaller sins' or make feeble attempts to tame them, then become discouraged when we continue to be trapped by them. This points us to our craving for grace, because "we don't just make mistakes; we rebel. We don't just act in weakness; we act in wickedness." Desperation for the grace of God leads us to true repentance and heartfelt worship in gratitude.

Culture would influence how we think and what we believe about feelings. We hear messages every day from our social media feeds, prodding us to think one way or another. Yet, we crave truth, and that can only be found in the Word of God.

If you've ever been through a particularly dark time, struggling with doubts, wayward thoughts or another particular sin, you've experienced that craving for change. We don't want to stay the same, "we long to change-and because of Christ, we can."

While we long to be a superhero and do all the things, our humanity limits us. While this may not seem good to you, it is by God's design that we crave strength, and it's found as we depend on Christ alone.

Looking into our hearts, we don't have to go far to realize that we also crave happiness. Have you considered that God is a happy God? How he delights in himself, in his work and in us? This truth helps us walk in holiness and enjoy his good gifts.

The reality of suffering reminds us of our craving for comfort. Though we go through difficult seasons, Christ, "promises to turn our sorry into unshakable joy. We have every reason to hope..our Savior is filled with compassion."

We need each other. Even the most introverted among us are designed to crave community. Christ has knit us together as his body in the context of the local church, that we fellowship together, and so grow in holiness and wholeness.

"If the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever, we should have a burgeoning desire for others to enjoy and glorify God too. It can't just end with us." Here is where our hearts crave mission, a singular purpose and focus for every believer. The gospel is our anthem until our dying breath.

If you've found yourself distracted by the goings on of the world around you, whether you're just busy or burdened, this book will lead you to discover the cravings of your heart and help you fix your gaze on Christ. He answers your every need and will satisfy you totally and completely.

Isn't that an amazing promise?

Quick Stats

# of pages: 159

Level of Difficulty: Easy

My Rating: 5 stars!

A big thanks to Crossway for a complimentary copy of this book and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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