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My Mosaic (Apr 23)

Happy Friday!

We celebrate my son's 7th birthday today. Seven years ago late in the evening, we left the guesthouse, climbed into our Toyota Land Cruiser, drove to the hospital in Dar es Salaam, stopping to buy phone credits on the way (that, was my husband's idea).

He's a little man who you'll find randomly hopping around practicing his jump shot, who kindly lets the girls chase him at school (but really it's to show them how fast he can run), and who just loves to play.

It's a joy to watch our little people grow, both physically and in their character, to see their interests and skills develop, as you wonder what God has in store for their life.


This Week On The Blog


This Week Around the Web

My grandma, aunt and cousins keep a 5 year journal. They love looking back every year to see the changes. My friend Sarah gives us a few more reasons to keep a 5 year journal here.

"Have you ever been anyone’s “not what I expected”?" This article from 'A Wife Like Me' encourages us to look at how we've let other things define us and root our true identity in Christ.

"The New Testament church has survived plagues and pandemics, genocides and gendercides, persecution and famines, politics and polarization, economic booms and busts—everything history has thrown its way. Generation after generation, the church remains."

"Just like we reflect his character when we act justly or love another, we reflect his character as we work." This article from Risen Motherhood, encouraging us the sacred purpose of every task, even the menial ones.

"If we ever hope to properly handle the stories in the Bible, we must first grasp the story of the Bible."



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