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My Mosaic (Apr 22)

It's time for the weekend!

We've got birthday celebrations planned this weekend as our son turns 8! He's highly disappointed we still have so much snow on the ground, a little worried that it won't disappear before summer. Looking back 6 years ago when we came back from Tanzania, he didn't even know what snow was...and he's pretty over it now.

Have a great weekend!


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This Week in Articles

The God Who Is Seeing, Not Scrolling

"Abram did not see Hagar. Sarai did not see Hagar. But God saw her. And this changed everything."

Sexual Behaviour Isn't the Most Important Issue

I really appreciated this article. So often I find believers are focused on managing behaviors (both our own, and those of others), rather than the gospel. While our actions are a reflection of what we believe, our hearts must first be turned to Him.

The Bible's Not An Instruction Manual

"The good news of the gospel is so much better than the instructions! It is better because the news actually saves us. "

Our Daily Bread: Feeling Satisfied In Him When We Aren't Enough

"Like the Israelites, I sometimes don’t believe the Lord has given me enough. Enough sleep. Enough hours in the day. Enough patience for toddler tantrums. Enough wisdom for the tough questions. I rarely feel like I am enough of a mother."

Prepare Kids for Uncertain Times

"Our children ought to know what the Bible teaches about all manner of issues so they aren’t surprised or deceived."

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