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My Mosaic (Apr 17)

Another week has come and gone of the Covid lockdown, how are you?

We are hunkered down at home, I continue working my shifts at the hospital, church life has shifted to streaming, text messages and zoom bible study gatherings, and the school bus came by yesterday to drop off the kids' next 2 weeks of homework. What a strange season.

The kids have been playing outside, and are hoping for some warmer temperatures, you know, something above freezing...I think we are done with hanging onto the snow. We have rebuilt a few Lego sets, which has proven to be quite the adventure in finding that one missing piece.

After a weekend of remembering Easter, we celebrated hubby's birthday, then our 15 year anniversary this week and Toby's birthday next week. It hasn't felt like 'normal', but it inspires us to remember why we truly celebrate.

Have you had any celebrations during the lockdown? What have you done to celebrate?

(This week on the blog: A Time to Adjust (A Memoir of SCIDS Part 9)

Here's some articles I found this week, hope you enjoy!

The Woman who Discovered the First Coronavirus

Some interesting history about June Almeida who was a scientist proficient in the use of the electron microscope and made a significant discovery for our time.


Is being empty a good thing? It usually doesn't sound that way, but we are reminded in Scripture that emptying ourselves is found in Jesus' example.

Clear the Clutter: Physically, Emotionally and Mentally

Anyone done a round of spring cleaning? It's usually that time we sort, organize and get ready for summer. This article reminds us that more than our closets can be cluttered, and perhaps it's a good time to do some sorting in all those areas.

7 Tactics a Child Predator Uses to Lure Kids

Always an important reminder for us as parents, and for educators, to remind kids about key phrases that can be dangerous when interacting with people online. These red flag phrases can help you talk with your child, not only about people online, but also about your relationship with them, to open up some dialogue about how they are feeling.

Flashback: 5 Questions to Ask Before Worship

Looking back on this post from a year ago, it brings these questions into a different light as we worship from home during the pandemic.

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