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Mosaic (Apr 26)

"Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while." (Mk 6:31).

Come, rest a while.

Isn't that a desirable invitation?

Jesus had sent out the disciples on a mission to preach repentance, and as they return, weighted with the grief of John the Baptist's death, Jesus invites them to take a break.

We all experience the high pace of life at times—raising our kids, working, serving our church—and we likely recognize the necessity of rest, of practicing the spiritual disciplines of silence, solitude, and Sabbath. But even as the disciples take the opportunity, the crowds follow them.

Rest seems unachievable.

In their weariness, the glaring solution is to send the people away, but Jesus shows them he can use what they have, meager as it is, and provide for them all. Five loaves and two fish from a kid's lunchbox turned into a feast, through the grace and compassion of Christ.

Then Jesus takes leave of them to be alone in prayer.

When we've already reached the point of fatigue, we're past tired and the rest we need feels much more like a demand. And there are certainly seasons we don't control where treating the exhaustion is necessary. But prevention is also important, practicing rest on the regular, to make space in our lives where we're paused in a posture of dependance upon Christ, to slow down, to meditate on his word, to commune in prayer, to reflect on where he's at work around us.

God has created us for good works, and he's equipped us to carry them out. Inevitably we'll be spent, but we're also invited to draw sustenance from his life-giving presence. For he renews the strength of the weary and gives us strength like an eagle to press on (Is. 40:31).

Are you feeling weary? Will you accept the invitation to rest in him?

Grace & Peace,


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I graduated with my Master of Arts in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary last weekend!! The event marks 4 years of reading, writing, and discerning to equip me to serve others. Here's my thoughts about learning to persevere.

Looking for your next read? Check out what's passed my shelf the last while and find suggestions for resources on the topics of suffering, Psalm 23, female empowerment, the transfiguration and a handful of Christian fiction ideas! I hope you'll find something of interest!

On my Shelf

  • When we've felt unseen, the scriptures remind us we are not forgotten; the Lord is really meeting me here as I turn these pages.

In Articles 

How to Encourage Families Going Through an Autism Diagnosis | Lara d'Entremont (Gospel Centered Discipleship)

"A family friend had just received an autism diagnosis. After telling us how much they wept and wrestled, the father said to me, “But in the end, I’m comforted by reminding myself that this diagnosis doesn’t change him from being the funny, energetic, loveable boy I’ve always known. He hasn’t changed; this has simply helped us understand him better.” May we be those who love and support our church families navigating these challenges.

We likely all have moments or seasons where procrastination sets in, so if this has been a struggle for you, find scriptures for the strength and grace needed to bolster your courage and action.

What will make you content? Have you asked yourself the question? Sometimes it starts with "If I had..." or "If I could..." most often related to obtaining something more, something better or something different. It's a timely question for me and I think you'll be encouraged by this article.

When My Shepherd Carries a Rod | David Gibson (The Gospel Coalition)

I really enjoyed David's book, The Lord of Psalm 23, and this article is on the topic of the Shepherd's rod. "Psalm 23 teaches us who the Lord Jesus is and what he does by what he holds. He's heavily armed."

I don't listen to a lot of podcasts, but one I've long enjoyed is Knowing Faith with Jen Wilkin, JT English and Kyle Worley. They did a panel discussion at The Gospel Coalition conference last year and here it's shared. You can either watch or listen to it. If you have some time and are looking for good discussion about discipleship, it's importance and relevance for the church today, check it out!

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