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Mosaic (May 3)

Happy Friday!

It's rain, rain, and more rain here these days.

  1. I am grateful it's not snow

  2. After a dry winter the moisture is very needed, particularly for our farmers! Thank you, Lord.

  3. It's washing away the dust on my driveway well

Growing up as a farmer's daughter, the weather was always a topic of conversation—the wind, rain, and soil conditions. (My dad even called this morning to talk about the beautiful rain we've been having)

I'm reminded of Job acknowledging the sovereignty of God,

He gives rain on the earth and sends waters on the fields (Job 5:10)

The Lord is sovereign, he both brings and withholds rain under his providential care. We've gone through both times of drought and floods, and even then we see the Lord provide. To live in dependence on Christ, to trust him and lean on him daily can be a challenge when we strive to formulate solutions to our problems and exert control over our daily lives.

The provision of rain reminds me of God's faithfulness and of the invitation before us to rely on him, to surrender to him before we act, to seek his guidance before we plan.

How can you depend on Christ to provide today?

Grace & Peace,


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On my Shelf

  • I've been going through the Emotionally Healthy Leader for the second time with my leadership cohort and appreciate the reminders of incorporating healthy habits and practices into life. I'm a few chapters in, but leading out of your marriage stuck out to me again, especially in this season with kiddos, to prioritize time together and cultivating that connection.

  • I'm also in the middle of You Are Not Forgotten a new one from Christine Hoover on how to navigate when we've felt unseen—diving into the story of Hagar.

In Articles 

You may have always loved her and now face the question about what to do with the language in her new songs. Cara gives us some advice on having these discussions with your kids.

Don't Waste Your Season | Ruth Chou Simons (The Gospel Coalition)

"God doesn't waste the season we're in, but sometimes we do." Consider how we let time pass us by with mindless pursuits rather than intentionally growing where we're at.

"Real love is more gritty and gutsy than sentimental." Of all the things we love in the world, the love God has for us cannot compare. It's often hard to see this, but here he shares some characteristics to remember.

The Good in Regret | Seth Lewis

Often I think about regret as wishfulness, wishing that things had been different, but sometimes situations have been out of my control. When it comes to choices we've made, perhaps, looking back, we wish we'd chosen differently. This often fuels our shame, but Seth reminds us of forgiveness we have in Christ and how our godly sorrow helps to change us today.

Thinking Biblically About Neurodivergence | Laura Spaulding {The Gospel Coalition)

Sitting in the dental chair a few weeks ago we got on the conversation of neurodivergent and neurotypical. In my work I provide supports and resources for families, so this article helped provide a biblical lens to look through and practical advice in loving and caring for each other.

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