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Mosaic (Jun 7)

Happy Friday!

We've entered the last month of school and this week has been particularly busy organizing my troops for baseball games in the city, a track meet, and class field trips. The kiddos are enjoying the change of pace with more fun events, and I think it helps them relax a bit after a lengthy school year.

The changes in routine are good for all of us. There's something about relaxing after a fully-charged season that helps us process and unwind. June seems to be the stepping stone for summer break, and we can't hardly wait :)

I hope you've enjoyed the series on mood and anxiety disorders. Part 3 came out this week and the last article will publish in 2 weeks. It's been neat to write about my work and I hope that it's a helpful resource for you, or your loved ones. In exciting news I'm going to begin part-time counselling work at Pembina Counselling Center, a non-profit organization. I'll still be at the hospital and just add one day a week there.

Life always seems to be on the move, so it's exciting and keeps me on my toes, keeping God's glory and the good of others at the forefront.

Grace & Peace,


Content: This Week…

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On the Blog

This review and reflection for those who've struggled with lonelienss and feeling unseen. To show us how God meets us in our pain and provides his promises, for he. isthe God who truly sees us.

This is Part 3 in the series on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders I wrote for my friend Kyleigh's blog. This conversation includes a note to husbands, to the church and a reflection on how the gospel applies to the shame we feel experiencing mental health disorders.

On my Shelf

  • Finished reading Cobalt Red and it's a heavy book looking at the extortion and human trafficking related to the mining of cobalt in the Congo so that the West can satisfy every smartphone desire and our naive environmental goals. But I guess that's how it is with politics, we have ideals without really understanding the cost or how it will impact others. I'll admit to feeling helpless amidst these issues, especially since getting rid of tech isn't feasible, but I can pray toward greater awareness for policy makers and integrity in decision-making.

  • I'm starting We Shall All Be Changed on the topic of suffering and death, yeah not going on the light reading apparently, but I'll squeeze in some fiction as well. Recently enjoyed Texas Forsaken a historical fiction takes place just before the civil war in America.

In Articles 

Helping Your Child Through a Big Life Change | Bethany McIlrath (Rooted Ministry)

"A hard lesson we all learn at some point is that God caring for us doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly in our lives. Kids may know this in theory, but during times of change they are often confronted with this reality."

"We worry about what we are supposed to be doing. We worry about following rules and argue about which rules matter. We worry about what we are to eat, what we are to wear, what we are supposed to think, how we feel, and how long we will live. We worry about what God wants and how we are supposed to accomplish it…But, what if we are trying too hard."

Light (a poem) | Seth Lewis

I enjoyed this poem, I hope you will too :)

It's always a good idea to reflect on our priorities, especially in this busy, activity-driven culture. Whether it's my own workouts or the kids' activities, decisions are regularly made about how to spend our time. I appreciate her perspective on flexibility, that every day won't look the same.

Using the parable of Zaccheaus to help guide conversations on repentance with our kids, this was neat.

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