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My Mosaic (June 11)

Happy Friday!

Watching a storm roll in this morning here on the prairies, dark clouds and thunder in the distance. We've been so grateful this week for some much needed rain. Then the weekend looks sunny and warm!

Have a great day!


This Week On The Blog


This Week In Articles

Christina Fox writes, "life’s burdens can be overwhelming, but they don’t automatically lead to spiritual weariness. Because of this, it’s important to acknowledge some of the reasons we get to this point." She points out three things we neglect to cause our weariness.

"At times, the believer does need to take flight from the world, but this is not a flight away from reality with false hopes of escaping it. Instead, it is a flight back to the one most basic reality of all. We have the privilege of fleeing to the Lord Himself as our hiding place."

From Tim Challies, "we do not need to be Christians for long before we learn that the greatest joy connected to wealth does not come from gaining but from giving."

"It struck me that Christians can easily become afflicted with what we might call the 'chameleon syndrome'." and how God uses ordinary people.

"I wish I could say that as a believer, my emotions never cause my faith to fail. I wish I could say that these silver linings are always easy to find and hold onto. But more often than not, I fall victim to my emotions and cry out to the Savior when I can’t seem to save myself from the chaos."

An article by Kathleen Nielson to help us remember the great gift and ability we have in prayer.



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