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Trusting God To Write Your Story

Updated: 7 days ago

As we enter the summer season, some publishers take a break from producing new titles. You may have noticed many of my reviews this year have been for soon-to-be-published books, to help publishers launch the words and the message into the world. With this upcoming break, I'm excited for the opportunity to go through my kindle library and start reading titles I'd purchased, but haven't gotten to yet.

While I enjoy learning from non-fiction, I also eagerly dive into a story, discovering new characters, watching their transformation as a resolution unfolds. There's an encouragement that happens watching the story flow, as characters are shaped through the problem they face and discover a solution.

What's your story?

Just as we trace a plot through a novel, we each have our own story, our journey through life, with its twists and turns, joys and challenges. Our story we often call our testimony, but it's certainly not limited to our salvation experience, as our journey to becoming more like Jesus doesn't end there.

In this wonderful book by Nancy & Robert Wolgemuth, You Can Trust God To Write Your Story: Embracing the Mysteries of Providence they explore how the story of the Bible intersects with our own stories, even in the midst of suffering, pain and questions.

Packed full of, you guessed it, stories, they demonstrate how in the trials of life, difficult marriages, singleness, financial hardships, sickness and loss, God continues his work in us for his glory. His presence and his plan mean he can be trusted in the tough and heavy moments when all manner of fear and chaos tempt us to despair with both an eternal hope for our promised future, but also for today while we are in the thick of it.

"God goes before us. He seeks and knows everything before it even happens. And He makes provision for whatever we will need at the time."

Interwoven throughout the book they share stories from scripture that highlight the biblical story of creation, fall, redemption and consumption to help us apply the gospel to our own circumstances and frustrations, pointing us to God's plan from the beginning of time for the good of his people and to show us the hope we have in Christ.

"Situations that seem confusing and chaotic to us are actually plot threads He is weaving together to create a story..a beautiful, compelling work of art. Incidents and events that make no sense at all now will one day make perfect sense-if not in this life, then in heaven-as we see the masterpiece He had in mind all along."

As I look back on my own life, I notice how I pay greater attention to what God is doing in my life when there's something happening. Then, thankfully, the days become routine and the focus shifts to the daily grind; there's less chaos and sometimes it seems like nothing is happening in my spiritual growth. Reading this challenged me to consider God's handiwork, even in the calm, to persevere in seeking him in the quiet moments, because he is still weaving the threads in my life for his glory.

Do you trust God with your story?

Maybe that's a loaded question for you in the circumstances you are facing in this chapter. Perhaps it is the question you are seeking to answer for yourself. In the most difficult moments of my life it was the clearest choice I had to make, whether I would trust him with my story.

I encourage you to, "first, look up. Be strengthened by a vision of God's Providence and purposes. And then...look ahead. Find hope by holding fast to His promises." God will not fail you even in your pain.

Quick Stats # of pages: 222

Difficulty: Easy

My rating: ***** (5 stars)

*I'd love to hear you story, either in the comments below, or contact me in the tab above. God is building his church and his faithfulness abounds with new mercies every day.

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