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My Mosaic (June 9)

Happy Friday!

We've got sweltering temperatures this week, can't say I'm complaining though, the kids have swimming lessons which are refreshing compared to the blue-lipped shaking that we usually have with lessons in June.

I've been procrastinating to write my last research paper, as evidenced by my very clean garage and shed. It's one of those things, you just gotta sit down and do, so my goal is to plunk down and work on it a bit more today.

Have a great weekend and thank you for joining me here!


This Week in Articles

Here's a basic introduction to what Christians believe about angels in the 'Theology in the Everyday' series.

"We must believe that the best thing they can do is please God and please themselves. And if they have done that, we must not be disapproving of them or be disappointed in them."

"As much as you love your friends, when it comes to praying for them you feel completely overwhelmed and just can’t find the words to begin." Here's some helps to guide you as you pray.

"I used to feel like a giant rubber band—trying to hold it all together, pulled in too many directions, and stretched so thin it seemed I would snap." I've definitely felt this at times in my life! Read more from Jana about developing a peaceful productivity.

My friend Martha introduces us to benedictions and how we can use them to pray over others.

(sorry no graphic today, apparently all these years of blogging means my storage is I gotta figure that out).



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