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My Mosaic (Jun 10)

Grace and peace to you this Friday!

If you've felt like life is a bit chaotic this week, you're not alone. If you're wondering where your help will come from, Ps 121 reminds us, "my help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth." We can take comfort that the Lord does not ignore our circumstances, he's not hiding or asleep, rather he's watching over us and keeping us.

So as you enter this weekend may you be encouraged you are loved and kept.


This Week On The Blog


This Week in Articles

When Your Thoughts Are Less Than Admirable

"I recently got an unexpected reminder of how important it is to keep the things we appreciate, enjoy, and admire about our husbands fresh in our minds."

Nurturing Our Spirit

"Turning these actions into well learned habits like eating and sleeping will help us nurture our spirit, but if we also want to grow we need to exercise our spiritual muscles." Check out this article with some practical tips from Momma Theologians.

The Doldrums of Christianity

"We cannot allow our emotions to control our perception of our relationship with Christ. Our emotional state is not an accurate portrayal of how Christ views us."

Prayers that God Will Not Answer

Encouragements for our prayer life, and what to watch out for as you do.

Jesus Shall Reign: The Remarkable Story of the First Missionary Hymn

"On Pentecost 1862, while the newspapers reported the progress of war, God was quietly advancing his kingdom among the coastlands." I really enjoyed reading this story about the Tonga in the South Pacific Islands.

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