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The Stories Pointing Us To Christ

Every Bible story tells us about the greatest story.

Often we read the stories of Scripture with the sole intention of understanding a moral lesson or to gain a takeaway for how we ought to live. While application is an important part of our bible reading and study, we can miss understanding the gospel unless we ask ourselves how what we're reading fits into the grand narrative of the bible.

In The Seed of the Woman: 30 Narratives that Point to Jesus, Nana Dolce introduces us to 30 women of Scripture, not just to tell their story, but to show us how each woman's role is a piece of the big picture of God's salvation work.

She begins with creation, the fall and Eve, highlighting the grace of God in the midst of our depravity. Then about the women of Genesis, Exodus and the times of the judges who felt abandoned, hopeless and destitute to show us how God is our Sustainer, Helper and Protector; and of others who acted in faith and courage by remembering with resolve, the One who saved them.

She then introduces us to women during the time Israel was a nation who suffered injustice to remind us of God's faithfulness and of His judgement over evil. Ending with the Elizabeth and Mary who teach us that God is working through his Word and Spirit in our times and to hold fast to hope of His return.

This book has 30 short chapters with a point for reflection beginning each one. It's great to use as a devotional. You'll be drawn into a greater understanding of the context of each woman's story and how it points to Jesus, encouraging you, friend, that your life is also meant to point to Jesus! I highly recommend it!

Quick Stats:

# of pages: 208

Level of Difficulty: Easy

My Rating: 5 stars

* A big thanks to 10ofthose for the complimentary copy of this book and the opportunity to post an honest review!

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