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My Mosaic (June 7)

My Mosaic (June 7)

Happy Friday!

During our time in Africa, we experienced a lot of the same questions about taking pictures of people in our community.

Lots in the news this week about this inquiry. Here's a good synopsis of what it was all about. An important issue in our cultural context.

"I’ve said this before, and I’ll keep saying it until people truly realize it: Pornography is the number one threat to our communities, our churches, our families, and our marriages." Porn destroys healthy sexual relationships - in marriage, or for future marriage. It is an addiction, and has serious consequences, becoming a public health concern.

"We set high expectations for our time in the Word. Without even realizing it, the posture of our hearts bends in the direction of self." Our quiet times will not always encourage us, but rather than give up, let us persevere.

"Is the command to make disciples of all nations simply far too ambitious?" An honest look at how we think about evangelism and how we can acknowledge our feelings, and move forward.

As our own church prepares for baptism this week, (a huge highlight for our family), I found this article that talks about how the church accepts youth into church membership, how and why we do.

As we walk in light of the Gospel we have been given, how has it made a difference in your life today?



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