My Mosaic (June 5)

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Happy Friday!

It's been a beautiful weather week! My plants in the garden are growing (except for an entire row of peas that was, apparently, bad seed), flowers are starting to bloom. My heart feels refreshed...and my fingernails are dirty.

I've felt encouraged. I've felt hope. There's this thing that God is stirring inside me. Normally, I am a "go" person, the 'activator'. Yet, I've seen God working on my character lately. Developing this patience that is so uncharacteristic of me.

In the waiting for an answer, for direction, there is uncertainty. But I'm reminded that it's not how God's will fits into my life, but how God will be glorified in my life.

(This week on the blog: 3 Things to Remember When You Feel Like You Can't Do It Anymore)

Here are some articles to check out! Enjoy!

Why Do Christians Need to Hear the Gospel Everyday?

Yes! We do need to hear the Gospel, every. single. day. Here are 8 quick reasons why. (I wrote them at the front of this month's journal to draw my attention and remind me!)

Prioritizing the Heart of Family Mealtime

In these pandemic days, many families have probably gathered around the table more regularly than perhaps ever before. My hope is that these times are fostering our sense of family, love and relationship (even when it's hard). She reminds us of the value we install as we gather, and provides some questions to ask to help our family process the day.

21 Journal Prompts to Help You Cultive Life-Giving Friendships

Friendship. Can be sweet. Can be challenging. Can be painful. Here are some great questions as we reflect on our friendships and seek to deepen and grow them.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

If you happened to take the time to check out the journal prompts on friendship and reflect on them, you would be well-positioned to write a letter to your friend!! This article tells us the importance of letter writing and challenges us: Who will you influence or encourage today with a simple letter?

When It's Hard to Forgive

We've all been there. The moments when we just don't want to. We've been wounded. We shouldn't have been treated that way.

Responding to a Traumatic Week

Here is an article from a pastor in the UK, who shares 3 ways to respond to the social injustices experienced this week in the United States: Grieve, Learn & Pray. He shares some good resources to learn from and reminds us of the importance to grieve.

A Guide to Pray for Our Nation

Jen Oshman shares some Scriptures to guide us into prayer. Those of us in Canada may feel we are isolated from the events in America this week, from racism, and judgement in our small circles of the world, but in reality, we aren't. We are part of a nation that prides itself on peace-keeping, and sometimes we can miss the call to action. So, if we don't know what to do, here is one thing: PRAY!

Flashback: Friends Are the Best Helpers: 2 Reasons it Begins with Us.

A reminder for us, that the journey of friendship begins with us.