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My Mosaic (Nov 10)

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

I hope you’re having a great Friday!

My apologies for the absence on the blog this week, I’ve been travelling and since it’s a little siesta time here right now, I can put this together!

This Week in Articles

Maybe you haven’t considered this question before, but here’s a short summary of each sacrament. “Just as bread and wine sustain and enhance the body, so Christ’s body and blood sustain and enhance our existence and identity as persons in Christ.”

“There are hard things, for sure. But what you may not anticipate is the joy and beauty of parenting this child. These children see the world differently. They color outside the usual lines and may open your eyes to new ways of seeing art, math, drama, animals, and a thousand other adventures.” Take courage moms. God is with you.

The psalm gives us a picture of two paths of life. “The paths couldn’t be more opposite, and the choice couldn’t be clearer. The signpost points in two directions. Which path will you choose?”

This is a great question to ask ourselves often. I’m in the throes of another culture and it’s a particularly meaningful question to me right now. Then, I love how she writes this, “surely the greatest proof that God sees differently than I do, is that He reached down and chose me to belong to Him.” How beautifully humble this is to consider.

Again, the culture I’m visiting is based on hospitality. I’m constantly experiencing the joy of sharing meals together and the generosity of hosts. I appreciate how this article distinguishes gospel centred hospitality as something unique from industry or entertaining.

(I’m packed!!)

(“Mom, wear this so everytime you look at it you’ll remember me, okay?” Oh sweetie, I’ll never have to be reminded to think about you, you’re a part of me!)

(9:08 am call from school: “Mom, I forgot to bring snack for a class event, can you quickly make something for second period?”)

(Changing scenery….)

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Hope you have a great weekend!

Grace & Peace,




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