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My Mosaic (Nov 13)

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Hey friend, welcome to the weekend!

An abrupt halt characterizes this week.

Shutdown again; all forms of social gathering, except for schools. While I'm grateful for the opportunity kids still have to attend school, 4 weeks of no social gathering is long time, especially as the Christmas season begins to draw near.

It's hard accepting that things are different...that they will be different this season. Have you thought about what your celebrations will look like? Anything you are planning as alternatives to the 'normal' things? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Here's a quick note for those of you who subscribe to the blog. I've bombarded you with notifications this month, and my apologies about that. I finally figured out how to turn them off! So, today will be the last notification for awhile. You can continue to follow the blog by RSS, Facebook or Instagram.

However, if you appreciate the email notifications, you can still get them when you become a site member. The new Members Area is now featured in the toolbar above, where you can, access all my free downloads (the ebook and bible study worksheets), get the blog post notifications, and continue to receive the Watered Garden monthly newsletter.

So head on over to the Members Area and check it out!


This week on the blog:

Here are this week's articles from around the web, hope you enjoy!

An article from Kathy Keller about the weeds of parenting, she writes,We’re promised a harvest of righteousness, in due time, if we don’t give up (Gal. 6:9). It will most likely look different than we imagine.”

“O how much I need wisdom from God,” she wrote. “I am a child. I can do nothing. But in God I trust, for I know there is none else to whom I can look for help.” Read this article for a beautiful, short biography of Catharine Brown.

As the holiday season draws near, and the gift lists grow, do you have any LEGO sets on the wishlist? I know my kids do. Here’s a little background to LEGO, and a few reasons why they are so pricey.

My friend Esther wrote this beautiful article, encouraging moms in their calling.

“The Titanic ruined the word unsinkable for me.” Yet, here’s more about an unsinkable faith.

“But maybe most importantly of all, I learned that you’re my charge, my responsibility to guide and love and shape . . . but you’re not mine.”

One of my kids’ favorite things about Awana is the singing time. Their song leader always does an amazing job choosing songs and developing actions for them to sing along. This is a new one from this year, and we’ve laughed and enjoyed it, and it helps them learn the books of the bible along the way!

As our Sunday school closes with our new provincial health orders, our family has come to enjoy Phil Vischer’s teaching on different books of the Bible. There is an order (beginning with 1 John, Ephesians, 1 Peter and then Philippians) but this one on hope is hitting at the right time, and though it’s geared toward kids, I’ve been learning a lot as well. So, if you have RightNow Media, head on over and check it out!

Here's a peak at my November newsletter just in case you missed it :)

Have a joy-filled weekend!

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