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My Mosaic (Nov 12)

Happy Friday!

We're in the midst of our first winter snowstorm here in Manitoba. ❄️💨 The wind is howling, roads are closed and school is cancelled. It’ll be a day of board games, popcorn and hot chocolate.

(Truth be told I almost said “Merry Christmas!” when the kids woke up)

Hope you enjoy the links this week. Drive safe and have a great weekend!


Preparing for Advent

Have you started thinking about a study during the advent season??

Join us at Momma Theologians for an advent reading plan to marvel at the magnitude of the incarnation!!

We will be reading On the Incarnation by Saint Athanasius alongside a Bible Reading Plan curated by Blue Letter Bible. On the Incarnation is a short book I've done every Christmas over the last few years and found it a joy and inspiration in celebrating the birth of Christ.

So, check out the links and provide your email to celebrate with us!!


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

"This is a strange, sad time we live in. But it is also an opportune time—a perfect season for the glory of the Christian gospel and the light of Christ’s church to shine brighter than ever."

From Tim Challies, “I have observed as well that God makes some people to have a faith that is very simple and others to have a faith that is very complex.

From the Momma Theologians blog, learn how paraphrasing scripture helps us meditate on and deepen our Bible reading.

“Sometimes, suffering will be a reckoning with our doctrine. It will appear as hopeless laments.” The Sin and Challenge of Social Media

Every Christian on social media of any kind must wise up, fess up, and stand up for what explicitly loves God and each other. The long-term effect of what is happening now leads down a dangerous road littered with warning signs.“



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