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Softening the Dough of Our Hearts to Rise in God's Word

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Today I'm writing over at Momma Theologians where we serve to revive spiritual growth in the midst of motherhood. Find my full article here.


The dough feels soft and smooth beneath my palms; the warmth and pliability are perfect. I set it aside to rise.

It’s not the first time I’ve made bread.

Definitely not.

The very disappointing first attempts suffered too much flour, causing tough dough. Other times the yeast didn’t activate. Many frustrating moments, and a lot of crunch in those early days.

I felt discouraged as I began, hopeless even. Wondering why attempting this feat was important to me.

Today, the mouth-watering aroma of fresh bread wafts through the house. I can tackle other tasks around my home without the worry of how this loaf is going to turn out.

Beginning this journey lent itself toward repetition, growing my skills and honing my familiarity with the dough. Each time building on the previous, learning more about the process, and enjoying the results with increasing satisfaction.

The same is true of us as we enter into the practice of bible reading.

You’ve felt the discouragement of finally starting to read your bible, only to have your newborn start waking up at that exact hour, causing that preciously carved out time to evaporate. Or you’ve been in a good rhythm for awhile and sickness keeps you up with the kids at night and the habit you’ve worked hard to form, doesn’t return as easily as you hoped....

For the rest of the article, continue reading at Momma Theologians!! AND don't forget to download the free worksheet for further reflection!



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