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My Mosaic (Nov 8)

Happy National Cappuccino Day! ☕️ So, enjoy a cappuccino today to celebrate the wonderful flavours of coffee :)

It's Friday morning and we've just landed in Florida, prepare yourselves for the onslaught of vacation pics on social media (because my normal life just doesn't usually seem interesting enough to post). So rather, I'll tempt you to jealousy with images of the hot Florida sun ☀️ Disney attractions 🏰 and palm trees 🏝

Here are a few articles of interest I found this week, enjoy!

(This week on the blog: The Last Thing I Pack)

Tim Challies' challenge to lean into the depth and wonder of Christmas and to open our eyes to the Gospel opportunities that the season brings.

"Healthy local churches make a powerful and attractive testimony to a watching world," here are six types of members who do that, and an encouragement to pursue these qualities.

"In our spiritual race, God doesn’t care about our end time, or how fast we run. He just wants us in the race—to finish and finish well." Growth is a process, a partnership and a privilege, read more in this article by Sue Donaldson.

This one hit me with a healthy reminder to repent. We all have to juggle life, but our sinful reactions need to bring us to repentance.

Have a a great weekend!



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