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My Mosaic (Nov 11)

We honoured this Remembrance Day (here in Canada), with a school assembly yesterday. After a couple years without, it was nice to be part of a program and hear the kids share their learning and reflect on the history of this day.

I forgot that recycling pick-up was a day early this week, which was unfortunate because we were just at Costco. The kids are cleaning up their rooms-it's been long over-due. And we've got our first snowstorm of the season, complete with road closures and howling winds.

So, I'll cozy up with a hot cup of coffee, put on the Christmas music and get out the decorations....:)


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"If Jesus knew our humanity and that we needed to be encouraged to be strong and courageous, and he spoke those words—Do not fear—to us, then we don't have to feel embarrassed or ashamed when we feel afraid. What's wrong is what we do with the discouragement and how we handle those feelings." Find how to respond when you're feeling discouraged.

"If our “rest” makes us feel less motivated, less inspired, and less inclined to get back to work, it’s probably a signal we’ve succumbed to laziness." This article was a good word for me this week!

"Apart from the fact that leaf blowing is cheaper than therapy, here are 5 ways your leaf-laden yard will point you to the Lord, who is sovereign over all--even over where every leaf settles to the the hard ground below."

"Most anyone would agree it would be better to be responsive than reactive. Easier said than done, though! Thankfully, this is an area where our Christian faith is really helpful."

"It’s common to see advertisements and books that promise to help us “thrive”—a vision that’s generally about being comfortable, confident, and carefree. Is this a goal that Christians should share? What does it look like to “thrive” as a follower of Jesus?"



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