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My Mosaic (Aug 25)

Happy Friday!

This week I enjoyed celebrating a bridal shower for my cousin this week and visiting with extended family, backyard community hangouts and my birthday.

I hope the collection of articles this week will be an encouragement to you. I'm always glad to know what you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!


Something New!

This week I published a new page for all the book-ish things, where you'll also find my new online store!! 10ofthose publishers has created this page with my handpicked favourites. I don't get any kickback, it's just a fun opportunity to put good books right in front of you!

So, head on over to the page and check it out!!

You can also revisit some old book reviews with a new format and new content!


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

"For moms juggling income-producing work alongside home and family responsibilities, we feel the added pressure of finding that elusive “work-life balance”—which doesn’t actually exist."

A short reflection from Marissa at the 5 year anniversary.

I enjoy this series from For the Church where they describe a theological concept in 500 words or less. This article is on the topic of aseity. (maybe you get to learn something new today)

5 Books in God's Library and Why They Matter

From Jana's visits to the library and then to God's library, I found this really interesting!

"We can turn habit formation into another set of laws we must obey to become Christlike and kill sin in our own strength—or it can be another avenue in which we turn our hearts towards the work the Holy Spirit is already doing."


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Jana Carlson
Jana Carlson
Aug 25, 2023

I love your new page! And thank you for featuring my library article!

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