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Fix Your Eyes

Hopping off the boat onto a wobbling dock, my son shouts, "Hey mom, look!" He points to a bird in flight. We watch as it perches atop a nearby tree. We talk about what kind of bird we each think it could be, but in order to figure that out, we need to examine it for awhile. So, while the others carry off the towels, we sit down together gazing into the trees, studying this new-to-us bird.

Intently watching this bird helped us get a good picture of its qualities, but only until we could compare our findings with our reference book could we really know with some certainty. The bird book shows us what to look for, the shape and colour of the beak, the colour and pattern of the feathers, the size and wingspan, the differences in the silhouette as it flies or hovers; there are so many aspects to consider, as novice bird watchers, we're only beginning to discover.

Our study of God and his ways also has a reference book. As we read his holy scriptures, we're growing our knowledge of him, our theology.

In this upcoming book, Fix Your Eyes: How Our Study of God Shapes Our Worship of Him by Amy Gannett, she writes to help us understand how our theology (our study and knowledge of God) leads us to doxology (our worship of him).

In each of the 8 chapters she walks us a doctrinal topic, such as Christology (the study of Christ), soteriology (the doctrine of salvation), and bibliology (the doctrine of scripture), to engage what we know about God and how this knowledge propels us toward worship as we daily fix our eyes on him.

This book would be a basic introduction to theology. If that's an intimidating topic for you, just remember it's about what we know and believe about God. The jargon can be technical, but some of it, hopefully much of it, will be familiar, just framed in an organized way by topic. I think she does a great job of making these concepts understandable to the average reader. I also appreciate how she centres around the theme of the gospel.

If you're struggling to worship, with your feelings about God, maybe it's time to grow your familiarity with his character. Maybe you're ready to go a little deeper and brave the theological terminology. This book is a great place to start that journey.

Quick Stats

# of pages: 224

Level of Difficulty: Moderate-for theological concepts

My Rating: 4 stars!

*A big thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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