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Tips For Discipling Your Kids

They ran back to the cabin, chasing and screaming.

Not the happy, fun kind... the "give it back or I'll take it" angry kind.

I groan. (Apparently loud enough for my neighbours to hear).

"Don't worry" they say, "it gets better."

I sigh. You hear it often from others, how these younger years go by so fast, and I know they do. But sometimes you can't help longing (with guilt) for a calmer, easier day.

"You'll get about 6,570 days with your children before they turn 18. 5,840 days before they get their driver's license. 4,380 before they hit their teenage years. 2,190 days before they start school. 365 days before our children learn to walk."

This really got me.

Not only do the days go by quickly, but so do the opportunities to teach and disciple my kids.

Write It On Their Hearts: Practical Help for Discipling Your Kids by Chris and Melissa Swain is a very practical parenting book that outlines 6 key aspects of discipling your children and they’ve created an acronym to help us with both our understanding and the application.

Love. We love our children with TIME [Transparency, Intimacy, Meaningfulness and Empathy]

Connection. We build this with CARE [Compassion, Authenticity, Relevance and Engagement]

Accountability. We SPUR them on [Sharpen, Pray, Urge, Restore].

Scripture. We get to know the Word and HEAR [Highlight, Explain, Apply, Respond]

Prayer. Both together and individually we ASK [Ask, Seek, Knock].

Rest. In all the craziness we STOP [Still, Talk, Offer, Peace]

When you stop to consider these categories, I think it’s easy to just assume what love is, or what building connection is, and we may conclude we’re already doing it without considering more deeply what it means. This is why the acronyms are helpful because they break down a big concept into smaller bites we can chew on in our parenting.

For each family, and each child, parenting can look different. But as we purposefully engage with the question, “How am I loving my child?” or, “How am I holding them accountable?” These chapters provide good food for thought and discussion with principles we can apply.

We’re reminded that our purpose as parents is clearly defined in scripture: we are to make disciples. “The Great Commission begins in the home. This is the purpose each and every Christ-following parent must embrace.”

The plan is simple. What’s difficult is the investment.

Isn't that the truth!

For the parents who appreciate routine and action plans, they’ve put together a monthly or yearly printable plan to help guide you in your intentionality.

If that’s too overwhelming, there’s also a discussion guide that would be nice to go through with a group of friends who are also seeking to strengthen their parenting with practical helps. (Find these FREE here)

What can you do today to become more intentional in your parenting?

(…you could head over and pre-order this book).

Quick Stats

# of pages: 160 pages

Level of Difficulty: Easy

My Rating: 5 stars

* A big thanks to The Good Book Company for the complimentary copy of this book, and for the opportunity to post an honest review!

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