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Mosaic (Jun 21)

Happy Friday!

I hope you enjoy the links I gathered this week and I pray they will be an encouragement to you!

Grace & Peace,


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  • I started The Anxious Generation, I'm hoping he's going to provide a little more than the info, I feel like, we already know. In the description there's a "call to action" so I'm interested to read this. Note, this is written for general audience and not a biblical perspective.

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"Beauty consists in what we absorb through our sense organs and in our intellect through contemplation. Most fundamentally, beauty is God-centered: all beauty is from him, sustained by him, and exists for his glory."

Jesus, Our Precious | Scott Sauls

Having recently started watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy again, this resonated quite a bit! Gollum's desperation and desire for the ring is so reflective of our own hearts.

I feel like I work hard to live a disciplined life and while it's helpful for my personal and spiritual growth, it can also have a shadow side of self-reliance. So this reminder to reflect on the weakness of Christ, my own weakness and to rely on grace and the Spirit's power is encouraging.

"We see that thriving relates to growth, prosperity, progress, health and well-being, strength and fruitfulness. Interestingly, we don’t see a meaning of being or feeling happy, which is important to note." (I've got a copy of her new book Draw Near and I'm really looking forward to reading. it this summer!)

Piggybacking off the previous article a bit, Cheryl explores when the story we want to write for our life doesn't shake out the way we'd like and how we can cling to Christ.

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