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My Mosaic (June 14)

My Mosaic June 14

Happy Friday! Here's this week's roundup of links.

This is a documentary coming to theatres July 17 & 19, about the Charleston church shooting that happened 4 years ago; sharing the stories of the victims and survivors, compelling the audience into practical relevance for today. It will be in theatres in Grand Forks & Fargo, if you are heading out that direction during the week. Watch the trailer here, and for tickets here.

The temple the Israelites built, reminds us of God's missionary purpose for the world. Can we be that intentional as the church today?

I know I've felt that nervousness about how to encourage and bless someone who is in palliative care. Not knowing what to say can be hard. Here are some practical tips to help us as we serve those who are sick.

It's almost summer! As we help the kids set up lemonade stands, here's some ways it helps them learn.

We left for Africa in 2009 and came back, and there's already been a lot of changes towards plastic instruments that we use in the hospital. With the idea of banning single-use plastics, I don't know what we would do!

Here's the first piece of my memoir of our journey through SCIDS, it was the day it all began.



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