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My Mosaic (Jun 17)

Happy Friday!

My kiddos have been enjoying a June in school, particularly because they get to enjoy field trips, school picnic days and extra fun stuff as the school year winds down. For me, it's felt a little crazier, trying to keep track of who is going where and what they need to pack and bring.

Have you ever noticed when things are chaotic and your brain is buzzing back and forth that you do the same thing in your prayer and bible reading times?

Maybe it's just me and my brain, but this week there's just been distractions. Sometimes it's life but other times it's where my focus has been and what I'm spending my time doing. In moments like these, I know it's time to slow down, to take the opportunity in the stillness of the morning to quiet my soul before the Living Water. I'll meditate on a verse or passage and pray it for myself, my family or others.

The distractions won't go away. Life is still in gear but I don't have to hit the gas every moment of the day. I can - and need to - put on the brakes, first, to stay connected to what God is doing in and through me, and second for my own health and ability to be present to those around me.

Thanks be to God whose faithfulness doesn't waver, even when ours does.

What's been distracting you this week? How can you put on the brakes in your day to rest in Christ?


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