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My Mosaic (June 12)

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Welcome to the end of another week!

This week marked the end of a very eclectic school year for our family. We began in September with carrying on our homeschool routine, the kiddos in Grade 3, Kindergarten and preschool. Then, after circumstances, prayer and God's leading, they entered public school in January. Well, two and a half months of public school is what we got in before the Covid shutdown and we returned to home learning. This week, they were each able to spend some time at school, saying bye to their classroom and bringing some closure to the end of an odd school year.

Changing plans isn't always easy. I've found that entering each new season of transition always requires me to be on alert, to my emotions, to the needs of my family and intentionality in adjusting our rhythms and routines.

I'm sure you've found that this year as well!

It takes a lot of energy and effort, but through every season, there is so much to learn, about ourselves, our faith and the One who holds all things in His hand.

What are some things you've learned in all the changes this year?

(This week on the blog: A Story Told Through Objects)

"And by looking at the end of myself, I pray with the hope of the gospel and the power of grace, to grow in courage as I try and fail and try and succeed, for the glory of God." Perhaps distinctly because we are mothers, our failures seem to haunt us, but as they do, our identity in Christ is hidden. This article reminds us of 4 biblical truths, leading us to rest in Him

Do you enjoy reading the book of Job? This post by Amy Allender, points us to the difficulty we have in reading through it, and what we can know about suffering.

A short article by Glenna Marshall, reminding us that "when it comes to our spiritual growth, think like a farmer. The God who turns seeds into crops is faithfully making you more like Christ."

Who the church is has not changed, even though a pandemic has changed the world around us. These 10 truths remind us and orient us on the foundation of who the church is.

Yes, our marriages are for our sanctification, and sometimes we may face discouragement in our own pursuit of holiness, or that of our spouse. We will not achieve perfection here on earth, this also leads us to a great hope. Read more from Tim Challies.

A new release from P&R publishing, it's a 31 day devotional, helping people as they journey with chronic illness. This article is a short review, maybe it will be of interest to you.

It will be a different kind of summer for all of us, and a unique preparation time for what may be an interesting fall and return to school season. Let's continue to pray for our kids and all the changes to life, here are a few ways to do that.

It was 3 years ago when our daughter was in hospital (and me along with her) for 3 months. We were so grateful to have love and support from many of those around us, and here were some ways they showered us with care.



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