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My Mosaic (June 16)

Happy Friday friends,

I've been reflecting on relationships this week and how unity and togetherness bring joy and delight. Friends to chat with on a back porch as the sun sets, friends to train with, parents who stop by to help with projects, family to relax with.

How delightfully good when brothers live together in harmony (Ps 133:1)

It's been a regular on my gratitude list this week.


This Week in Articles

If you, or someone you know is struggling with their mental health (if we're honest we all find ourselves here at one point or another), here are some helpful prayers to guide you as you lean on God and His Word.

I've been leaning heavily on digital reading simply because of the convenience, but I really appreciate the research this article presents and the opportunity to pause and consider how digital reading impacts how I interact with God's Word.

"Sometimes I think it might be easier to be faithful to Christ when life is hard." I resonated with this.

"What will it take for the church to be renewed and the world to experience a profound move of God?" Here's some important reflections from the work fo Francis Schaeffer.

"Returning from his time in prayer, Jesus sees that the eyes of the disciples are closed, although not for the reason we might think. They are not praying but sleeping. This happened not just once or twice, but three times in a row. The contrast could not have been any more distinct. The faithful devotion of Jesus led him to his death, while the unfaithful devotion of the disciples led them to be dead asleep."

Find some points to consider as you spend time in the Word with your kids.



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