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On My Shelf (Nov 2021)

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The winter chill has set in here, a blanket of snow covering the ground. The coziest place to read is snuggled under a throw by the window, listening to the wind howl.

While this may sound serene, it's usually short-lived, as coziness sends an alarm to the rest of my household who begin climbing over me, fighting for their spot to settle in.

(I think we just need a bigger couch).

Where's your favourite reading spot?

If you're on the lookout for something to add to your to-read list, I hope something from this list will interest you.


Christian Living

Have you considered that you, as a human, are finite? And, that God created you that way and knows all your limits? Because this is true, there is a beautiful design in our humanity. Read my review here, and pre-order this title on Amazon. [4 stars] *

This is a wonderful book for anyone who struggles to understand how grace impacts our daily life. Read my review here. [5 stars!] *

This was a convicting and inspiring read on deepening our love for God. We're challenged to rely on grace, to fix our hearts on heaven, and to gaze upon our saving God. Highly recommend! [5 stars]


When it comes to apologetics, Rebecca writes in an easygoing, accessible way. This book, on the topic of Christmas, helps the believer address questions about the Christmas story, which they may hear from people around them, or ones you may have had yourself. It's a short read. Find my full review here. *


How does what we believe impact how we live? This is a book about core Christian beliefs and how they intersect with our everyday life. The author has been a pastor and counsellor, so he's walked this journey alongside others for a long time. He writes about deep topics in an accessible way. If you're thinking about growing in your understanding of theology with practical application, this one is for you! Find my full review here. [5 stars]*

The story of redemption, fulfilled in Christ, fuels the mission of the church. It's more than just activity, but about the identity of the church as his witnesses. Jesus' revelation of himself on the road to Emmaus reminds us of this. The life of the early church reflects their ability to persevere in suffering and adversity and their response in prayerful witness.

If you're looking for a deeper understanding on Jesus' fulfillment of prophecy and how it impacted the life of the early church, this would be a good one. [3 stars]*

Christian Fiction

Shirley Davenport spent her whole life fishing with her family. The war breaks out and she's the only one left to help, but she feels useless to help her country. When they begin recruiting women for a special group of the Coast Guard, she eagerly signs up - not knowing what her assignment would entail. The challenges she faces as a spy, the secrets and ruined reputation are more than she bargained for, but a certain captain helps her through until the enemy strikes close. [5 stars] *

This is an action packed story, that really keeps you on your toes until the end. Erin Larson is a criminal psychologist who returns to her childhood home to care for her mother after she attempts suicide. An old friend asks for her help unraveling details about a cold case his father was working on before he was shot. They begin investigating, unsure of who they can trust, and as more information comes to light, they find themselves a target of the enemy. If you enjoy high-paced action and suspense, this one is for you. [5 stars] *

This book is part of the "Doors to the Past" series with a dual-timeline. The first tells the story of White Elk in 1875 being transported to Fort Marion in Florida along with other Cheyenne braves and how Sally uses her skills to help teach. In a parallel plot, present day, Dani finds Native American drawings that she believes her art forging father stole and wants them returned to their owner. The storylines come together to reveal history and heroe. [4 stars] *

{The * notes books I've received as part of a blog review program or Netgalley}

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Paula Short
Paula Short
24 lis 2021

Amber, thank you for sharing these great reviews. I’m going to have to add a few to my to be read list. Blessings.

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