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Is Christmas Unbelievable?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Have you begun thinking about the advent season? Are you the keen one, purchasing all their gifts before thanksgiving?

I’ve got as far as thinking about it.

Preparing for our celebrations of Christmas usually means booking dates for parties, hunting down gifts, and scrolling Pinterest for decorative ideas; we practice Christmas hymns for advent programs and memorize lines for a Christmas play.

Christmas is an important celebration for believers. It’s a time we remember a baby born in human form, the fulfillment of prophecies, and how power is found in humility. If we’ve grown up in the church, Luke 2 is nearly committed to memory, and I wonder if our familiarity prevents us from considering the mystery and miracles of the Christmas events, because they’re truly astounding!

In Rebecca McLaughlin's short book, "Is Christmas Unbelievable?" she answers four questions:

-Was Jesus even a real person?

-Can we take the Gospels seriously?

-How can you believe in a virgin birth?

-Why does it matter?

She shares with us the evidence that Jesus was a real person, that the gospels were not made up, and that the miracles of Christmas haven’t been disproved by science. With an encouraging tone, she addresses these honest questions and equips us as believers with reasons why this celebration is pivotal for our lives today.

“You see, if there is a God who made us and loves us, that’s wonderful news. It means that our lives are meaningful, that there are such things as good and evil, and that justice and love will win in the end.”

Our lives are given purpose and meaning through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, and our celebration of his birth points us to the gospel.

If you’re looking for a short book to answer a few questions about Christmas, this one is for you!

Quick Stats # of pages: 64

Level of Difficulty: Easy

My Rating: 5 stars

*A big thanks to the Good Book Company for the complimentary copy of the book and the opportunity to post an honest review.


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