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What's On My Shelf (July 2021) [+Summer Reading Challenge]

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Your toes curl in the sand, the sun shine warms your face, you find it might actually just the moment to enjoy a nap. If not, and you're on the hunt for something to read while you sip your iced coffee and avoid the sprays of water guns. Here are a few titles that have crossed my shelf I'd recommend for your beach reading, or your to-read list. I hope you'll find something to enjoy!

Also, for those who enjoy a checklist and a challenge, I've included a 5 book Summer Reading Challenge at the bottom of this post. Download it and mark in a few titles you plan to enjoy the next couple months!

(Don't forget to let me know if you do!! I'd love to see what you're reading).

Christian Living

Full of love and passion for the church he teaches us eight key responsibilities of every church member. His message for us carries gentle rebuke laced with eager hope, as he instructs us on who the church is and our roles inside it. He highlights each responsibility in one chapter with action steps at the end and opportunity for deeper study in the discussion guide. 5 star read!! Find my full review here.

Another 5 stars here, with Helen Thorne teaching us the lies we so easily believe and the biblical truths we need to rely on. We are frequently faced with overwhelming thoughts, feeling uncertain and ashamed because of them, but here is some gospel hope. Full review is here.

Our fear of the Lord begins with growing our knowledge of him, of who he is and why he is trustworthy with our life and those we love. While this doesn't seem like new information, it's really profound. I give it 4 stars and find the full review here.

You may feel like it's an ordinary life you lead, but if you've repented of your sin and follow the Lord Jesus, the Spirit who dwells within you is anything but ordinary! Grow in your understanding of the Spirit's work in our lives with this book. 5 stars! Find my review here.

In this wonderful book they explore how the story of the Bible intersects with our own stories, even in the midst of suffering, pain and questions. Lots of stories in this book, which really helps demonstrate the hope we have in our suffering. My full review is here and I gave this book 5 stars!

Christian Fiction

Who is Ava Jackson, who's after her and why. These are the questions FBI agent Caden Denning faces as his investigation intersects with his childhood friend's life. She's the key to figuring out the murders of three families, but until they can put the pieces together, her life is in danger.

A lot of suspense, as per Lyntte Eason's style, with twists you may not see coming, keeping you on the edge of your seat as the investigation ensues. Sometimes by the fourth book in a series there can be a lackluster storyline, but not this one. I enjoyed it. 5 stars from me!

The Chase picks up after book one (The Escape), as Madison returns to work after the shooting. Her and her partner, Jonas, find themselves tracking down a group of deadly fugitives. Lots of action and suspense as the leads take them to old relationships and resurrect unresolved struggles from the past.

I enjoyed the suspense of the story and the character development of both Madison and Jonas, leaving me eager for book three. Overall it was good, I gave it 3 stars.

Tressa Harlowe returns home to find her father passed away and their home in layers of debt. As the debtors come calling, so do overeager relatives. For rumours of her father's hidden fortune have circulated for years. She doesn't know who she can trust, or how she is going to save her family the pressure mounts.

I've really enjoyed this author's melodic writing! I’m very partial to gardening metaphors and this story is full of them. Really enjoyed this mysterious hidden treasure hunt! 5 stars.


Living life overseas has its complications and its joys. Reading these felt all too real for me, as I identified with many of the women's stories. I'd really recommend this one if you're interested in learning more about what a missionary mom's life can be like. 5 stars!


**Don't forget to print off the reading challenge below, or let me know in the comments if you're participating, and what books are on your list! :)

Summer Reading Challenge
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