What's On My Shelf (Oct 2021)

Ever thought about how much you read...that's not a book?

Maybe you read a magazine, or a flyer, something in a printed form, but there's so much we read that's not a hardcopy, and that's on our devices.

Scrolling through Instagram, along the Facebook newsfeed, Twitter, or text messages, we probably get quite a bit of words in, but what's the quality of this kind of reading?

In an image-saturated world, we're missing out on the benefit of reading that creates thoughtful consideration of a topic. One tidbit from social media has us thinking alright, but those kind of hot takes don't usually lead us to an expansive discussion or good communication.

So, as you consider where your eyes spend the most time, here's some book ideas for your shelf to get you engaging thoughtfully.

Christian Living

Humbled: Welcoming the Uncomfortable Work of God by David Mathis

This was a very timely read for me. In this season of life, where there are many struggles within the church, I found the Lord leading me through conviction about my own prideful tendencies and his gracious work in my life through difficult circumstances. Find my full review here. (5 stars)

When Words Matter Most: Speaking Truth With Grace to Those You Love by Cheryl Marshall and Caroline Newheiser

Again, the Lord works in many ways to bring truth to my life in the middle of trying situations. This too was timely and led me to reflect on the biblical truths related to how I use my words and how I could use them. Find my review here. (5 stars)

She Works His Way: A Practical Guide for Doing What Matters Most in a Get-Things-Done World by Michelle Myers and Somer Phoebus

Written for the working woman who struggles to balance life and career, this book helps provide a biblical worldview of our work and priorities. Such a good read! Find my review here. (5 stars)

Knowing and Enjoying God by Tim Challies

If you've followed Tim Challies on Instagram, or read his daily blogroll, you'll be familiar with the beautiful quote graphics that Jules Koblun creates. This book is a collection of those quotes with a devotional to guide us into knowing more about God and how he speaks, and enjoying him through habits of reading the Word, prayer, fellowship and corporate worship. I read this during my morning devotional time, it's really good! (5 stars).


Fix Your Eyes: How Our Study of God Shapes Our Worship Of Him by Amy Gannett

"Theology is for doxology and devotion - the praise of God and the practice of godliness." This book helps us learn theological concepts, in a way that's easy to understand, and shows us how our study of who God is impacts our worship of Him. A really great book! Find my review here. (4 stars)

Bible Study