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My Mosaic (Sept 8)

It's back to school!

I'm excited, but I'm not sure the kids were. They've enjoyed being off for the summer, with all the late nights, sleeping in, backyard-playing, beach-going freedoms, but it's time to get back to learning.

There's a handful of articles for your reading this week, I hope you find something of interest and benefit to you!


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

'Christian Nation' Puts the Bible on Trial

An article outlining a court case in Finland where the national church has legal clout to support and defend, but since it's steeped in expressive individualism nominalism abounds.

9 Things You Should Know About the Prosperity Gospel

This is an informational article highlighting what to know about the false gospel of prosperity, which easily seeps into our churches often without a second thought.

Anxiety: You Can Have Courage Because God is With You

My friend Martha reminds us how in the face of uncertainty, our God isn't uncertain, as she walks us through her reflections on Joshua 1.

Stop Filling Every Quiet Moment with Scrolling

How many quiet moments do you take throughout the day? Loved this from Lara who reminds us of how important it is for our minds to have some downtime.

When Loneliness Lingers

"When loneliness knocks at the door, rather than inviting it in for tea, four truths have helped me redirect my focus away from my situation and toward the Lord." Find out more in Jenny's article.

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