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My Mosaic (Sept 29)

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Happy Friday!

I was recently able to enjoy a little time in cottage country north of Toronto. Not a vacation really, but leadership training that was both heavy and healing. Though we enjoy our own family time at the lake, this was quite different as we processed our stories together, worshiped together in Swahili (to my great joy) and made some really great connections with each other.

Community plays a huge role in our spiritual formation.

Proverbs reminds us, " iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another" (Prov 27:17). In all our interactions, our prayers, and encouragements, we're shaping each other and it's a worthy pursuit to consider how we're using these opportunities intentionally for the glory of God in our lives.

To love like Christ means loving each other well, with grace, compassion and truth. May we be this blessing to those around us today.


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This Week in Articles

This article is geared toward those serving in youth ministry, but for those of us raising teenagers, our discipleship task is ever before us. I found this a thoughtful and helpful reflection.

Be encouragement through this one as Barnabas Piper considers what it means to rejoice in the Lord.

"Our lives consist of time, energy, and resources, and loving well demands that we sacrifice some of those things. Rarely convenient or comfortable, loving well is costly."

"God created everything. He’s so powerful that nothing can contain him. There’s no place in the whole universe where we can run from God. And he’s so powerful that he can be with us anywhere, any time."

Oh the painful reality of suffering in this life. If you're navigating this, or someone you know is, here are a few responses from Tim Challies to help orientate your grief.



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