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My Mosaic (Oct 27)

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

(jogging past the creek through town this week)

It's a small win, but a win nonetheless.

The weatherman gave us a snowfall warning this week. Though not unexpected for this time of year, still daunting. Naturally, that meant making sure the snowsuits, boots and gloves are all available.

Previous years it's been quite the scavenger hunt through bins in the basement or garage as I try to remember what went where. To my surprise, I labeled the bin in the spring, so searching took significantly less time!!

While it only takes a minute or two to put the label on, it was well worth it.

Remembering our wins is one way to reinforce good habits.

Maybe for you it's making your way through a bible reading plan, a consistent prayer routine, or seeing the fruit of faith conversations with your kids. We can celebrate good rhythms and positive outcomes because it's the fruit of our efforts, by the grace and sufficiency of God.

Habits are built slowly over time, with endurance, as the Lord molds our character, like a potter with the clay. He's patient when I am not, bringing the good work he began in us to completion (Phil. 1:6)

What are your small wins? Which habits are you building?



This Week on the Blog

This month's roundup of books to help you discover and discern what to put on your shelf next!

An Interview to Watch (or Listen)

With the new escalations in conflict in the Middle East, I've not spent a lot of time reading and researching (afraid I'll burn out doing it). But I did watch this one.

I think what I appreciated most about this interview was the slow, humble and intentional way they each respond to questions we have about the conflict. In an age of hot takes and blazing opinions, things are not always as clear as what we think. So, if you're looking for another perspective, I'd recommend this interview with Jen Oshman and Pastor Marwan.

Find the show notes here (or the link where you can just listen) where you'll find some articles they reference.

This Week in Articles

It's not hard to notice the uptake in shows, books and podcasts on the topic of true crime.

"Pray for us. Pray for us. Pray for us." This plea resounds on every missionary's newsletter. We can feel stuck with knowing just how to pray, so here's a great article that leads you through the Lord's prayer. You can also find helpful tips in my ebook, "Expect Great Things: 10 Days Praying for Those We've Sent." Find it HERE (just scroll down a little).

"Before we went out, we needed to understand the true condition of the people we would be passing on the streets: they were dead in their trespasses and slaves to sin." Let's face it, it's so easy to judge. As a parent I teach my kids truth and desire them to be firm in their foundation of faith. The flipside though is to also develop compassion for the lost. This article touches on both and how to hold both in hand.

As a bookish gal :) I appreciated this article about the benefits for Christians of reading fiction.

When we've sought the Lord about something and the answer is now, we easily feel discouraged and wonder what happens next."Sometimes God works in mysterious, rather than miraculous, ways by saying “no” to his children. But what are we supposed to do when He does?" She gives us some biblical examples of God's nos and shares two ways we can respond from the life of Moses.

In My Earbuds

A Booklist (that's not mine)

Jenny shared this list for families to read aloud this Christmas season. I added a few to my list. What are books you're planning to read—either yourself or with your kids—for advent? Share them in the comments!

(trying to embrace the smiles, knowing it's my last run before the white stuff lands)

(preparing for a potluck weekend!)

(yup, this happened)

(gonna enjoy these slipper boots from Costco this winter)

(our ladies BJJ class is growing!!)

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