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My Mosaic (Oct 28)

Happy Friday!

As you settle into the weekend may you be refreshed and respond with worship to the true God whom makes Himself known to us.


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This Week in Articles

"There's more to chores than meets the eye." Discover how to shift your mindset from ordinary too extraordinary.

"When I became a Christian in my teens I read a quote by D.L. Moody that said something to the effect of, “I would rather lose my right arm than lose the Holy Spirit.” For some reason it stuck with me – probably because I was thinking: I definitely don’t feel that way. I’ll keep my arm, thanks. What good has the Spirit done me??"

An article from Kristin Wetherell, reminding us that greatness is found in the One who leads us.

“But God…” Two small words with immeasurable power.

Check out this interview with Kristen Jensen. She's the founder of Defend Young Minds and author of "Good Pictures, Bad Pictures" helping equip kids in the fight against porn.



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