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My Mosaic (Oct 25)

Happy Friday everyone!

It's feels like it has been a busy week with paper writing..alongside 'normal life' :) I also discovered that a new update for my blog service, has a glitch, which meant that there have been no notifications going out to those of you who subscribe, so sorry about that!! (They tell me that they are working on fixing it!) So for now, I guess it means relying on social media.

Hope you enjoy this week's articles! And if you haven't already, don't forget to that eventually - after they fix the glitch - you can get updates to your email inbox!!

"Believing the Gospel comes with an obligation to the Gospel." Here are 4 ways you can be active in believing the Gospel.

"The root of bitterness is powerful. It will defile both your marriage and also your relationship with God." Challenging words for us as we fight for faithful marriages. can be....uncomfortable??! I think if we want to be truly honest, yes it can. Brett McCracken answers the question, "How can we endure—no, learn to love—our uncomfortable church in spite of its frustrating imperfections?"

Liz Mannegren won the Canadian based competition, '2019 Women's Journey of Faith Contest' with her book "Embrace: Clinging to Christ Through the Pain of Pregnancy Loss." It is an excellent book that would be a great gift for grandparents, family, or friends who are experiencing, or have experienced infant or pregnancy loss. Support a Canadian author and encourage the hearts of those who are grieving around you. Read my full review here.



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