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My Mosaic (Jan 27)

Happy Friday!

The wind is howling this morning as I'm up and beginning the day. I'm looking at the tasks before me under the glow of my Christmas lights (because yes they are still up). Work on the book study assignment on Ruth, read a chapter of a commentary on Ezra, more reading on New Testament ethics and write a discussion answer on Psalm 89 and its insights for a people in exile. Our small group is coming over tonight so there's a few things to get ready. Sending the kids off to school and hunting for a library book they need to return.

A full life surrounded by people I love and care for and tasks to challenge and grow me, a life lived before God, under His authority, in His presence and for His glory. Though the balance between work and rest ebbs and flows, His presence is in front of, behind, and beside me, for His purposes never fail and His mercies are new every morning.

Wherever you're at today, may you be alert for His presence and the work He is doing in and through you.


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This Week in Articles

Perhaps for many of you this may seem like a simple question, but here Katie unpacks it for those wrestling with sorrow and trials in motherhood.

"What does your faith do for you when your hands are emptied, when your mind is troubled, when your heart is broken, when your faith is tested?"

This article gives some insight to discerning whether counselling would be helpful for you.

"In busy seasons of life, it may seem impossible to obey Scripture’s command to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess 5:17) when so much preoccupies our minds and hearts as mothers.How can we continue in prayer when we are constantly balancing our to-do lists, kids’ activities, meal plans, doctor appointments, housework, and more?" Here's a few ideas from Bethany.

An instinctive -and unhelpful- response to someone experiencing anxiety is, "just stop it!" as if it's a switch that can be turned on or off. I've heard this more times than I can count. If you struggle with anxiety, or know someone who does, check out this discussion on Philippians 4 to go a little deeper than the superficial reaction.



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