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When Your Faith Trembles

The world is not as it should be.

Your friend's daughter is diagnosed with leukaemia, your brother struggling with mental health can't get the help he needs, a veteran is denied his benefits, tragedy hits close to home.

Every morning the world seems to deteriorate one headline at a time.

Have you felt the frustration of injustice? The deep sorrow of suffering? The powerlessness to make a difference?

It's in these moments the little book of Habakkuk models for us how we can talk to God in our agony without losing our head or our hope; in Trembling Faith: How A Distressed Prophet Helps us Trust God in a Chaotic World, Taylor Turkington shows us how.

Habakkuk’s situation can feel far from our lived experience, but it really isn’t. He lived in a time of political chaos, violence, and a whole lot of wrong. He had witnessed strong leadership, and even revival. Then, he saw it all crumble before his eyes as leaders lived for their own power and believed in their own authority.

Can't we relate?

When the world seems to be going haywire, it deeply affects our emotions as we wrestle, and our beliefs as we consider God in the midst of it all - our faith trembles. Taylor points us to Habakkuk's prayer and the importance of lament as a response to all we see that's wrong in the world. Our desperate prayers remind us God hates the evil we're seeing and how the world is revealing its brokenness.

We grieve and mourn losses, wars and tragedy in the world because things aren't right. Yet, for we who love and follow the Lord Jesus, we don't have to stay sitting in despair or submerged in powerlessness. We are tempted to doubt but in our cries to the Lord we can ask for the grace of deeper faith.

Because God is present. He is active. He is ruling.

And all the brokenness we see reminds us of our own brokenness and God's gift of grace to redeem us. He hasn't left us as we were, He won't leave this world the way it is now, this is our firm and constant hope.

How we respond to the happenings of the world has been on my mind lately. It's been a theme with patients I've been seeing at work who've been failing to reconcile what they observe with what they believe - some holding onto their True Hope and others who do not.

But I see what a privilege it is for us who believe to have hope, that our prayers are not powerless, they are powerful because He is Almighty. I wonder at the grace given us to come to our Lord with our wrestlings - because we will surely have them. know and believe, as Habakkuk reminds us, "yet I will triumph in Yahweh; I will rejoice int he God of my salvation! Yahweh my Lord is my strength" (Hab 3:18-19).

If you've been struggling to hold onto faith in the midst of injustice and disheartened with the world, this book will be polysporin to your wounds as you dig into Habakukk's prayers and mine the truths of God within them.

Quick Stats

# of pages: 224

Level of Difficulty: Easy

My Rating: 4 stars

*A big thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC and for the opportunity to post an honest review

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