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My Mosaic (Aug 4)

All summer long when tasks to-do come up, I think, "I'll wait until August."

Until I said that yesterday and realized August is here.

After this week we're done summer-ing at the lake and will have to shift gears a little and gets things ready for September. (Because now the mantra is, "I'll do that in September").

What's your mantra lately as your tasks pile up?

I hope you enjoy this week's collection of articles! Let me know what you think!


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

When You Know You're Unworthy

My friend Jana writes, "perhaps you feel unworthy of God's love today. Maybe you feel like your sins make your situation hopeless, beyond God's goodness and grace-like wanting a wedding dress you don't deserve and can't afford."

When Discipleship Hurts

When you've been burned in ministry, "it leads you to question what drives you to love people so deeply, and if love is worth the pain." Maybe we've never got past the hurt to consider this, I know there's been times I haven't, and this articles invites you there.

10 Key Bible Verses on Being Happy

Here's a trip through some Scriptures on happiness. I hope you're encouraged by these.

Your Husband Will Be Perfect: How to Love A Flawed Man

Walk through this article and find some truths and some lies as you consider marriage.

Great is God's Faithfulness Towards Parents and Children

"Parenting is not just a role, it's an identity...We parents grip fiercely this privilege to steward hearts and souls, but paradoxically, parenting is an unending, daunting task that reveals our smallness and dependance."

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