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Mosaic (Mar 1)

Hey friend!

It's been a minute. We were on vacation with the whole family, so time was short and I wasn't able to keep going with the Mosaic posts, so I hope you'll enjoy it's return this week!

Grace & Peace,


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  • An article helping you understand the goals, grief and gains of repentance.

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A Mature Christian is a Humble Christian | Scott Hurst (The Gospel Coalition Canada)

We studied Philippians 2:1-11 in bible study this week and in talking about humility, rivalry, and selfish ambition, the rarity of this virtue stood out and I was glad to be reminded of its importance again in this article.

Now that it's March and we're tasting above freezing temperatures (it's been a very odd winter), gardening imagery warms my heart and Jana's words had me contemplating about the spiritual seeds I've been sowing.

Here's an interesting video from the Bible Project about the presence of dragons in Scripture. For further interest, there's also this book on a biblical theology of serpents which I found enjoyable—check out my review.

The Pornography Pandemic | Leslie Umstattd (For the Church)

I resonated with her third point: community is necessary to overcome this addiction. I think this is true for all addictions, but the greater challenge with sexual sin is that it's often kept so secret. My prayer for the church is that we become a safe place for our brothers and sisters in Christ to confess sin and find restoration and healing. We believe the grace of God does this in each of us, so let's strive to encourage, pray for and walk with each other. Find more helpful articles from Fight the New Drug.

Washcloth | VK Stigen

Now I've got a prayer every time I pick up the cloth in my kitchen sink. Appreciated the practicality of this poem.

In Snapshots

(because he's....goofy)

(yes, the only time you can eat food the size of your head is on vacation...maybe on your birthday if I can find it my little baby Yoda)

(because its fun to be part of the resistance)

(we're not great at family selfies...)

(this just made me laugh, you'd never know what the bird was perched on, unless you saw the waters beneath)

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1 Comment

Your first photo is gorgeous. Postcard gorgeous. It probably helps that it looks like home and I love winter.

Your last photo is so fun! What a fascinating world God created for us!

And thank you for sharing my article!

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